Ionic is a powerful framework for cross-platform mobile app development. Ionic is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by licensed under MIT and It’s maintained by the ionic community. This is also one of the simplest mobile app development frameworks as it uses the web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

javascript mobile app framework

However, Xamarin-based apps deliver flawless native functionality about quality and efficiency. As a result, its connection with Microsoft Visual Studio is a plus in terms of app development management and productivity. Providing consistency between multiple platforms can be challenging, given how much platforms like Android and iOS significantly differ, particularly in terms of the development experience.

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You can use this JavaScript framework for creating data-intensive applications for the web and mobiles. The framework aids developers in creating solid and feature-rich native apps. The most prominent feature of Ionic would be that it lets programmers employ various UI components in the application framework, including filtration, inputs, views, easy navigation, and actions sheets. Companies have demonstrated that mobile applications are the best way to grow their customer base. Everything functioned to the benefit of application development businesses.

javascript mobile app framework

We also listed down some of the best front-end JavaScript frameworks in 2021 to make it easier for you. Meteor is a Javascript framework for mobile apps that enables you to build a fast, collaborative app with real-time features. Further, these features are ideal for app tasks that require immediate feedback, such as chat apps and social media apps. However, merely breaking into the mobile market does not necessarily translate into success for a business. To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, organizations must correctly identify their customers’ needs and build digital solutions or applications that meet them. To build a new mobile application, a company must have a clear vision and strategy.

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Finally, you have an overview of Apache Cordova APIs and what every API does from a high-level point of view. As a result of this previous challenge, developing, testing and maintaining a single application that has different implementations on mobile platforms is really hard and costly. You will have many code bases that are usually inconsistent, because every code base will be written in a different language by developers from different backgrounds. This is because it is really hard to find a single developer who is aware of all of these programming languages and tools. It works well with PhoneGap and other mobile app development frameworks. Even though this cross-platform mobile development framework is the youngest on our list, it has a mature community.

  • It brings interactive, descriptive, and powerful HTML-based capabilities, including rich widgets like maps, spreadsheets, and media players to mobile apps.
  • Meteor possesses both front-end and back-end components, including libraries, databases, and so on.
  • Responsive means that they can adapt their views in order to be displayed properly on different resolutions of mobile and tablet devices.
  • The construction of dynamic websites and mobile apps favors its use as a client-side scripting language.
  • Thus, with such a rapid expansion in technological adaptation, it will be interesting to observe how hybridized our apps develop.

JavaScript is an open-source, cross-platform, object-oriented programming language that can be leveraged for client and server-side development. OnSen UI is a powerful, free, opensource mobile application JavaScript framework that is bundled up with ready to implement features with a native nature. It is apt for building hybrid apps with Cordova and progressive web apps.There are 3 layers attached to it — CSS components, framework bindings, and web components. As one of the early birds in the open-source mobile app framework arena, Titanium has been utilizing JavaScript along with HTML5 and CSS3. Developers can develop mobile apps from a single JavaScript codebase. It makes use of JavaScript-based SDK with multiple APIs for different platforms.

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It also allows developers to reuse 60% to 90% of code, thereby reducing development times and costs. There are more than a dozen modules that provide additional capabilities. It’s the building ground for more than 75,000 applications with 18,000 developers on over 400 million devices. Angular UI is a Bootstrap framework that provides mobile app developers with a robust set of UI components. Subsequently, it also enables them to rapidly develop high-quality mobile applications.

javascript mobile app framework

Developers can build apps simply using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS with the Sencha Touch. Equipped with creative components, the framework is well packed in amazing features & tools. With native apps, the highest customer engagement is challenging due to the variety of channels and devices. The answer is to use mobile app development frameworks to create a web, hybrid, or cross-platform mobile app for companies at an expense. As one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks, React Native has a large and strong community of developers who share their technical knowledge.


In this article, we’re mainly focusing on why using JavaScript for mobile applications. But let’s take a quick step aside and see what can be created with it overall. Without JavaScript, websites could not be built, it continues growing up in the direction of mobile app development.

javascript mobile app framework

Ext JS itself has more than 115 pre-integrated and high-performing UI components. Some of the components are HTML5 calendar, pivot grid, grids, trees, D3 adapter, lists, menus, forms, toolbars, windows,panels, etc. Swiftic is one of the best mobile app development frameworks available in the iOS platform. Using Swiftic is a convenient option as you get 30 days money-back guarantee option for all its plans.

Why Should you Choose a JavaScript Framework for Developing your Next Mobile App?

As it is easier to learn and provide different features to create applications, Meteor has become the first preference of modern developers. Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin is a .NET based framework that creates native and high-performance mobile apps. It integrates seamlessly with java cross platform mobile development modern-day components, backend services, native APIs. It broadens the .NET platform to design and develop apps for Android, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and Windows. Ionic helps you to build interactive hybrid and Progressive Web Applications along with cross-platform applications.